A Symphony of Sight and Sound

SKYWALKER VISUALS, the brainchild of visionary cyber artist Luke Papashvili, transforms electronic music events into immersive, audio-reactive experiences. This multimedia project seamlessly blends sound with dazzling real-time visuals, crafted with cutting-edge software TOUCHDESIGNER.

In a galaxy far far away where psychedelic fluid simulations dance to the rhythm, and geometric and abstract shapes morph and evolve in a captivating exploration of art and mathematics. Whether as a standalone installation or an augmented stage masterpiece, SKYWALKER VISUALS creates a symphony of sights and sounds, ensuring every beat and melody is a visual spectacle. 

Luke’s artistic vision extends far beyond the realm of electronic music events. His diverse skillset encompasses various artistic disciplines, including painting, graphic design, motion design, product design, and even upcycled art. He is a master of both the physical and digital worlds, seamlessly integrating his talents in stage design, mapping, and live VJing. Additionally, Luke's expertise extends to directing NFT projects & international artistic platforms highlighting his innovative approach to the ever-evolving art world.

SKYWALKER VISUALS isn't just about captivating visuals - it's an experience designed to engage all the senses. Luke utilizes various technologies like audio and OSC input, Kinect/Depth Cameras, Leap Motion, and AI tracking to create interactive installations. These immersive environments blur the line between the physical and the digital, inviting audiences to participate and become part of the art itself.

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