July 8/11

Location: Tes club

City Detection is a workshop focused on inaudible sound, a reflection on the way of making and listening to sound inviting its participants to explore the hidden soundscape of our urban environments.

An investigation into new sonic dimensions to discover expressive ways, usable territories, escape routes from conventions aimed at expanding the boundaries of perception by encouraging participants to discover and follow different ways of doing sound research.

City Detection explores the sound generated by electromagnetic emissions (EMF) generated by electronic devices (wi-fi, microwave, satellite, power lines, tv and radio broadcast, mobile phone etc.), present in our environment and inaudible to the human ear, adding a fascinating layer revealing the unseen and unheard aspects of our technologically saturated cities.

This approach not only expands our understanding of sound but also raises questions about our relationship with technology and its impact on our environment.


Developed in the city of Tbilisi creates an unusual sound mapping of the city and questions of how the emissions detected affect us unconsciously in our choices, tastes and perceptions, seeking a relationship between the massive use of technology in everyday life and our emotional state.


The participants of the workshop will be invited to detect and record in various areas and neighborhoods of the city using a device/detector (EMF-Terminal) specially developed by EXTRAsync that allows the detection, listening and recording of sounds generated by electrosmog.


The audio material collected by the participants will be the center of the final work that interfaced with a video software will reveal in an audio/ video installation or an audio/ video performance the inaudible soundtrack of the city of Tbilisi.

The workshop is developed by Marco Monfardini and Amelie Duchow (Schnitt) as an evolution of the project DETECT by Marco Monfardini


City Detection Tbilisi project presentation:
Concept, realisation, final presentation;
Introduction and historical background: sound as matter, sound explorers and constructors, shaping sound, sound trouvé, sound assembly, composing and decomposing, field recording;


Beyond the audible:
DETECT audio/video project, detection, EMF/VLF, inaudible sound;

EMF-Terminal device:
Introduction, operation and use, practical tests;
City of Tbilisi: detection planning and city mapping;

Detection City of Tbilisi:

Detections and recordings in the city;
Selection and listening of recorded audio material for final presentation;
Preparation of final presentation;

Final presentation
Option 1 - Audio/Video Installation in a space in the city of Tbilisi;
Option 2 - Audio/Video Live Performance;